Content provisions

15.1 Content of premium rated services

Premium rated services offered in the series 12XX, 13XX, 14XX, 17XX, 18XX and 19XX shall not be unsuitable for children under 16 and shall not include:

  • Descriptions of sexual or erotic matters.
  • Contact and dating services with a view to sexual activities or other related elements.
  • References to other services or numbers with sexual or erotic content.
  • Descriptions of violence.
  • Games, prize competitions and similar services conflicting with the applicable legislation.
  • Access codes, passwords or similar elements providing access to services with the above content.

15.2 Appeals

Services may be provided in the form of charitable appeals, defined as appeals for

  • Religious communities or churches
  • Funds
  • Associations
  • Sports clubs
  • Foundations and institutions
  • Organisations
  • Political parties

that have been approved under section 8A(2) or section 12(3) of the Danish Tax Assessment Act (“ligningsloven”).

In the case of charitable appeals, the user is sent confirmation of thecontribution to the appeal.

The end user may make one or more contributions with a total amount not exceeding DKK 150 in the same charitable appeal per mobile number per 24-hour period.

15.2.1 Competitions linked to charitable appeals

If a competition is held as part of a charitable appeal during a national radio or TV programme covering the appeal, the competition may cause a total premium charge of DKK 150 per mobile telephone number, provided that the full amount is used for the charitable purpose.

15.3 Competitions

Competitions may not be offered as continuous subscription-type services.

The total cost of taking part in the competition, and details of the individual premium charges, must be made clear before the competition starts.

If a content provider wishes to offer more than one competition in the same medium (defined as the same issue of a newspaper, a periodical, a particular web site or a particular TV or radio programme, etc.), it is a requirement that the competitions offered are substantially different from each other. Otherwise the competitions will be considered to be a single competition, with the related requirement to adhere to the maximum amounts set out above.

Competitions offered via “volatile media” such as TV and radio will always be considered to be a single competition, if they are offered by the same content provider on the same channel, in the same programme and within the same 24-hour period.

15.4 Adult content

Adult content paid for through the mobile account shall be offered in accordance with the following rules.

If application codes are used, only the number series 16XX may be used

The 16XX series may only contain adult content.

The Operators are not required to offer adult content.

Access is only allowed to the 16XX series if access is blocked in advance (opt-in).

Access to the 16XX series may only be provided at the request of an adult end user.

The Operator is required to ensure that the end user is an adult.

When they initially enter into the agreement, end users are informed of the possibility of accessing the 16XX series.

 15.4.1  Common password to disable access to the 16xx-series

Application code 1699 is allocated on an equal footing  for all parties behind this Agreement.

Application code 1699 is allocated solely for the purpose that the end-user’s access to content on the 16xx series will terminate by sending an SMS containing the keyword “STOP”. The operator’s closure of the end user’s access to content on the 16xx series should be made immediately after receipt of the end user’s SMS.

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