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Framework Agreement version 6.0


”Framework Agreement on Mobile Content and Payment Services” in online version 6.0 is hereby launched by the four Danish mobile operators TDC, Telenor, Telia and Hi3G and their joint company Paii, and comes into force on 13 June 2014 [http://www.rammeaftalen.dk/rammeaftalen/].


The Framework Agreement including a new addendum brings together a number of requirements from relevant legislation such as, among others, the Danish Consumer Contracts Act and the Danish Marketing Practices Act, as well as the rules on good conduct relating to the supply of services and goods via a four-digit text message application code in the the number series 1xxx, where the end user makes payments via his/her mobile account or via his/her account with Paii using an associated payment card. The rules on payment via Paii with an associated payment card are contained in the aforementioned new addendum.


In relation to the previous version of the Framework Agreement, there have been significant amendments as a consequence of the new Danish Consumer Contracts Act, which comes into force on 13 June 2014. In this connection, special conditions in respect of information requirements and the right of withdrawal have been amended.


The Framework Agreement has also undergone an update of content and editorial adaptation, while the overall structure has been retained with rules governing


  • right of withdrawal,
  • supervision requirements,
  • customer service,
  • maximum amounts,
  • charging,
  • information requirements,
  • content provisions,
  • special service types and
  • a large number of examples of service types with associated information requirements


Among the more specific amendments to the Framework Agreement, it must be noted that the previous general requirements to provide information about ’+ usage charge’ have been removed, as in future this is only a requirement if access to a service offered requires mobile data traffic. In the section on maximum amounts, radio- and TV-based polls are now included together with information about the right of withdrawal.


If you have any comments or suggested improvements, you are welcome to contact the Parties to the Framework Agreement via the menu item “Contact” (“Kontakt”) in the top menu bar on the website.

13 June 2014


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